Shipping Policy

What locations do you ship to?

We deliver Pan India through our channel partners. Our coverage at times limits us to deliver to certain locations. In case your delivery address is not covered by channel partners, on request, we will attempt to ship through alternate channel partners for an additional charge.

How can I track the delivery of my order?

We usually email you the tracking reference number of your shipment. You can request an update on our website.

Do you charge additional shipping charges?

It's free delivery for all the orders above Rs.500/- and orders below Rs.500/- will be charged Rs.70/- only.

What is the standard delivery time?

Please allow five to seven days for your order to dispatch { Only during COVID Times }. If you are in Hyderabad we’ll probably get your order to you sooner than that. Metro areas usually reach within 7 days.

I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pick-up?

Returns are easy. Please read through our refund policy page for detailed information.

Hey, am Peddy!

PEDDY - { Male } is the Protagonist of the PIP'S

A talented young man with very big dreams.

Age - He says 25 something, but we are checking on it.
Gender - Male
Best Features - Smart IQ, Is Active { Fun & Adorable }, Charismatic and Inspiring Leader.

Hidden Talents: Mesmerizes his listeners.

Hidden Powers: Climbs up on to any damn-thing in a fraction.

Character Inspiration - Malabar Indian Squirrel { Tree Squirrel }

Hey am Irie

IRIE - { Female } { Care free & Happy }

Is Entertainer, Life is never boring around her.

Age - We never dared to ask her.
Gender - Female
Best Features - Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.

Hidden Talents: Smart, creates individuality, energetic and very perceptive, who truly enjoys living on the edge.

Hidden Powers: She can run at sonic speed. Curls into ball.

Character Inspiration - Asian Chipmunk { Ground Squirrel }

Hey am Plify

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