Meet PIP'S

Hey, am Peddy!

PEDDY - { Male } is the Protagonist of the PIP'S

A talented young man with very big dreams.

Age - He says 25 something, but we are checking on it.
Gender - Male
Best Features - Smart IQ, Is Active { Fun & Adorable }, Charismatic and Inspiring Leader.

Hidden Talents: Mesmerizes his listeners.

Hidden Powers: Climbs up on to any damn-thing in a fraction.

Character Inspiration - Malabar Indian Squirrel { Tree Squirrel }

Hey am Irie

IRIE - { Female } { Care free & Happy }

Is Entertainer, Life is never boring around her.

Age - We never dared to ask her.
Gender - Female
Best Features - Spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic.

Hidden Talents: Smart, creates individuality, energetic and very perceptive, who truly enjoys living on the edge.

Hidden Powers: She can run at sonic speed. Curls into ball.

Character Inspiration - Asian Chipmunk { Ground Squirrel }

Hey am Plify

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